16 Juni 2005

Der Phoenix Park

Last weekend I went for the first time to Dublin's playground the Phoenix Park (in Irish: Páirc an Fhionn-Uisce). This is the largest urban enclosed park in Europe, with a walled Circumference of 11 km and a total area of 7km². Situated 3km west of Dublins city centre it contains large areas of grassland, tree-lined avenues and many areas of dense forest.

The Wellington Monument

The main entrance to the Phoenix Park is at Parkgate Street and after 5 minutes walk you pass by the Wellington Monument. This 62m tall obelisk is actually the tallest obelisk in Europe and was completed in 1861. It was built to commemorate the victories of the 'Iron Duke' Arthur Wellesley Duke of Wellington.

Polo Training

The park contains Dublin Zoo but I was rather attracted by the big sportsgrounds including cricket and polo. As both sports are not very well known in Austria I have no clue how these games are actually played but it was just so amazing to lie in the sun and watch it, especially the poloplayers.